ezCash is a collaborative, web-based credit and collection solution that helps businesses collect their receivables faster. By organizing and prioritizing collection efforts, tracking customer promises, and following-up on broken promises you will collect more cash, sooner. Intuitive, online visibility to key information, such as invoice copies and remittance images, reduces the time spent searching for documents and increases the customer contacts per hour. By sharing common knowledge about an account, a business can take coordinated actions to not only make collections quicker, but also improve customer relationships.

ezBackOffice Credit and Collection Software
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Credit and Collection software that will increase the value of your accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable Management Solution

ezCash is a powerful credit and collection solution that helps businesses collect their outstanding receivable portfolio faster. Using rules-based workflow, ezCash will organize, prioritize, and drive the collection process, reducing DSO and avoiding write-offs.

Our implementation team will help you segment the customer base and define the business rules for each segment that make optimum use of your collection resources and automate routine tasks. On a daily basis, ezCash will identify customer accounts that require action and create the appropriate tasks for your collectors.

This approach will ensure that you maximize account coverage, minimize portfolio risk, significantly reduce your collection expenses, and accelerate your cash flow - we guarantee it!

Automating Your Collections Process

Virtually every challenge facing corporate finance stems from a lack of visibility. Whether you're dealing with regulatory compliance, consolidating information from various business units or patching together data from multiple computer systems, greater visibility makes it easier to overcome these challenges.

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Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Whether it's administering credit policy, monitoring invoice accuracy, or handling past due accounts, ezCash can provide you with the tools to help ensure process consistency and the consistent use of controls - two factors that contribute to regulatory compliance.

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